The Cool Bean Play Cafe also offers great food and the kids will be entertained

 Fun Things You Can Do At Cool Beans Play Cafe 


Winter can be cold and long, and all the mothers know how hard it is for us to get our children busy in this cold weather. Even celebrating our kids birthday party, we sometimes just celebrate it in our garages with garage doors in Houston to avoid the harsh winter. You are lucky if you are a local living in Texas because there are indoor playgrounds and cool cafes you will find here where you can let the kids run around and have fun, and celebrate their memorable birthday parties. 


For a tourist, if you are in Texas on a holiday or a day trip, we know that like most parents you are often looking for fun things to do with kids when you are on a vacation. You often question yourself “what can we do with our little ones so that we the older ones can do our own things to enjoy our vacation?” Well, this indoor playground and cafe in Texas is a great option and a great place to entertain the young kids. 


Located at the heart of Houston, the cool playground cafe has a dedicated baby area, mini toddler structure, megastructure with slides, ball pits, a boulder dash, garden, activity room, mini trampoline, a pool of balls, mini kitchen and a lot more fun things you can find here. These tons of kids activities will definitely make their stay in Cool Beans Play Cafe happy and memorable. 


The Cool Bean Play Cafe also offers great food and the kids will be entertained. Also, it is all undercover, making it a great thing to do with kids in Play Cafe especially when the weather is not very good. And while the weather is harsh, we are craving and looking for yummy comfort food, snacks and lots of grabs and go-to meals. In Cool Beans Play Cafe, not only fun activities are the best thing we can do for mothers and kids, we provide healthy food to keep your little ones active and healthy the whole day. 


While parents are on the go or busy with their own things, you can rest knowing you can take the kids to Cool Beans Play Cafe and they’ll be able to fill their bodies with healthy, all natural junk food alternatives. We prepare not only snacks but we also have full meals too that they will surely love. Our menu options are all made in our kitchen using only the healthiest, freshest, cleanest and quality ingredients, even offering gluten-free and dairy-free selections.  


So if you are in the area, drop into the Cool Beans Play Cafe, talk over coffee with your husband or friends or fuel up with our healthy menus like salad, smoothie or fresh sandwiches and soup and let the kids exercise and have some fun! 


Truly, a lot of fun things to do at Cool Beans Play Cafe in Houston not only for kids but for the whole family. Just keep on browsing to know more about us.